Power BI Workshop

Power BI Workshop Course

The Power Bi hands-on workshop is a guided walkthrough to developing a Business Intelligence solution using the functionality-rich Data Modelling and Visualisation tools of PowerBI.

Who is the PowerBI course for?


This course is ideal for new and experienced business analysts or systems analysts looking to enhance their career development and add data analysis skillset .


Project Managers and Product Managers will gain an in-depth understanding and practical tools for analyzing organizational data, visualizing insights effectively and communicating them to stakeholders and technical teams.


Mid-level managers, business unit managers, and entrepreneurs will benefit from a practical approach to turning business data into practical insights and data-driven startegic decisions.

The course syllabus

Introduction to BI and Data Analysis

Loading Data

Transforming Data

Data Modelling

Visualizations and Dashboards

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

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